Mind control

Alpha: general mind control, augmented memory, splitting mind into left/right.

Beta: sexual programming, destruction of moral inhibitions.

Gamma: mind control sytem protection, involving hypnotic triggers to prevent deprogramming.

Delta: assasination programming.

Omega: self-destruction (mind control victims are usually killed at 30).

The first control mechanisms were teaching humans love and satisfaction is external while love is eternal, always present and inside us.

Before babies are born, they already carry around 200 toxins in the body (lead, mercury,..). All drugs in pharmacies and hospitals in the world are only 25% of all pharmaceuticals. The remaining 75% is in our food. The drugs act as neuro-inhibitors or can be addictive substances that give us a feeling of wanting more.

In 1945 Operation Paperclip recruited 9000 Nazi scientists to help the US to destroy the USSR. Through techniques involving drugs, electro-shocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, torture, rape or starvation, a mind can be split: the mind dissociates or splits in attempt to shield the mind from memories to painful. Sex magic in rituals like the Key of Solomon, involving sodomy fractures the mind into a honeycomb structure of 169 fragments, after which multiple personalities (alters) can be inserted, not even aware of each other's existence.

Two years later the CIA was created to handle all the covert mind control programs that resulted from Project Paperclip. Black budget programs have perfected the science of mind control and compartmentalisation of the brain. It brought together the trauma research of the Egyptians (Book of the Dead and Necronomicon), the inquisition and the Crusaders, the Chinese and Sovjet brainwashing techniques and the Nazi studies of Himmler and Mengele. 1947 was also the year of the Roswell crash. Project Oaktree was aimed at finding descendants of the Tribes of Dan.

Since 1976 US and USSR started electromagnetic warfare and have access to psychotronic weapons. Since 1978 the entire neurological system of our brain is understood and mapped.

Mind control is also applied through movies, tv and other entertainment, where most actors and singers are victims of mind control. Through education programs like Goals 2000, which emphasizes a decrease of critical analysis, students are mind controlled.