The human spirit form,passive neutral in timeless existence neutral-positive, cannot come up with its own ideas. It is a receipiant and processor of impulses. The human spirit form evolves independantly to a creative material consciousness.

At day 49 after conception, when the pineal gland releases DMT spirit form and consciousness block enter the body, the heart starts to beat. From the superior colliculus in our brain, spiritual energy is sent throughout the body, it remains in its own realm and can not be affected by disease. An ego, personality and values is developed through perception, exploring, research, conscious learning and processing results.The consciousness level takes the previous life as starting point.
Thoughts and feelings are transferred to the spiritual consciousness, stored for all time, making the soul wiser and more powerful.

When the brain stops working, the spirit form and consciousness block go to their own separate realms. Consciousness block goes to overall consciousness block. It dissolves the ego and processes the personality into knowledge, love and wisdom and releases it to spirit form. Consciousness and its personality are dissolved then stored as power and energy in a neutral storage bank, after which the overall consciousness creates a new consciousness block, personality and ego, ready to incarnate in a new body. The new personality offers new views, new ideas creating progress building up karma. When a person dies with unresolved issues, traumatic emotionality (first 2 chakra's) linked to belief, it leaves an imprint on the land and the bloodlines so people may want to visit certain locations, to develop a new understanding.

Everything has a unique frequency and is stored in the planetary storage banks (the Akashic records). Material consciousness is influenced by them.


We don't see, we observe the electrical signals in our brain. The interior of our brain is dark, it is never touched by light. The brain just copies electric copies of everything it experiences.
The entire universe is just an electric signal in our brain, if the electric signal is disrupted, there is no reality. Of course the brain itself is also matter, just perception. There is no existence outside our mind, we are dreaming.
We are souls, metaphysical unities, batteries, fluctuations of electric charge.
Our body is a mass of energy vibrating. A soul chooses his parents. A soul can even communicate from the future with himself in a past life through channeling or 'walk in', walk into a body and exist in co-existence with the original soul or merge. This often happens after a traumatic experience, serious illness or near death experience. From 2011 there is an increase of people who claim to have had the walk-in experience.

Souls are eternal, so already exist, have no beginning and no end. The purpose of a soul is to 'polarize' in one of two possible directions: to the positive through identifying with others empathetically (Service-To-Others), or to the negative through identifying the self as separate from others, turning inward (Service-To-Self). Souls are said to 'harvest' and proceed to the next level once they are properly polarized.

The interaction between STS and STO creates balance in the universe. The levels continue in polarization and 'harvests' until the 6th density where life aims for total reunification with all.