How the matrix works


We have a 5 dimensial consciousness, the Higher Self, through which we live in parallel realities. Most of our DNA is turned off and a holographic program runs trough these layers of consciousness. Because our body is a hologram, people with their brain almost completely missing, can still function or can still feel pain in a body part that is amputated, or people in a hypnotic state can see through matter. In our physical 3D avatar body we only use 6% of our brain. It is designed in a way that we experience 8 different layers of reality.

Our brain device is connected to 5 senses, 5 little frequency ranges in a much larger spectrum. People who have brain damage on the left hemisphere sometimes gain new extrasensory abilities like synesthesia and can see frequencies broadcasted as black and white cubes. As Tesla knew, the biggest part of our mental activity lies in a specific spectrum. That spectrum of brainwaves is completely hi-jacked and controlled. At the moment, we experience 1% of the universe and process it as through a hacked computer with lots of malware.

In our heart chakra, our female creative consciousness of 432 MHz (the color green, resonating with nature, the frequency at which water crystal normally vibrates) disharmonic reptilian frequencies are transmitted. Our concept of love is distorted into a loop of continuous oppression and feelings of rejection, posessiveness, loneliness and guilt. The law of 'opposites' can be part of a learning process for the higher self but the conflict is scripted.


4D is the astral realm, where we go to when we lower our brainwaves to theta and dream. As Aboriginals knew, dreamtime is more real than our reality. The pineal gland produces DMT, a sort of password to higher dimensions and the pituary gland produces melatonin, a hormone that anticipates darkness, related to melancholy. In 4D there is no time between thought and manifestation so it has limitless potential. Because of that, it is widely monitored, like our reality, so most dreams are like the prison experience in the matrix: trivial, fear-based, not conscious and easy to forget. Nevertheless, some dreams are particularly meaningful, symbolic and beautiful because Theta waves is our original creation state (related to the primordial ocean Thetys, Teutonia, Tiamat,..).

After a day of being awake and experiencing things in the alpha brain state, our energy field needs to be recharged. While the physical body sleeps and the brain goes into theta dream state, the mind uses the original female creative theta-consciousness waves to try to harmonise the internal thoughts and programming with the disharmonic frequencies of experiences in the external world, the artificial matrix. Aside from the manipulations, benevolant beings also communicate with us through dreams. The cabal tries to keep us subconscious as dark as possible so it manifests in our theta consciousness, back into 4D.

This is also the frequency band people go through when people smoke DMT and see extraordinary technology, mathematical mandalas and machine like elves. In the ayauasca experience, this is the Purge where the inner demons can manifest..

In 5D (in ancient terminology 'angel realm') Service To Self beings can not exist, only beings of light and love, service to others.

However the conflicts that happen on earth still affect the higher beings in higher dimensions, so they have to plan a new lifetime, in cooperation with others from the same soul group, reincarnate in a new body to try to fix the problems.


Conception and inception

When a female egg cell is fertilised, immediately a combination is made as a result of the combination of the father and mother, a DNA matrix code (666, Social Security (SS) number, bank account and so on) is sent as an electric signal from the moon at full moon to the avatar body of the mother with fertilised egg cell.


In the DNA and RNA-language a personality type is already scripted, for instance internalizer-externalizer, regulated-flexible, role adaptive (charismatic)-role uniform (follower).

The first DNA strand Boaz, the - female and reptilian DNA strand revolves around Jachin, the + male mammal DNA so a maximum of duality, distortions, imbalance and conflict with other members of a soul group is computed and produced. For instance, a man with an abusive, alcoholic father will meet a woman who inexplicable is attracted to him and is bound to fall into the same trap. This matrix code also contains an avatars' date of death. It is symbolised by a red or black ball, used in Minority Report, written by insider Philip K.Dick, used in lottery systems, bowling and so on. It is what the Greeks called Daemon (of the moon), as in the quote from Heraclitus 'ethos antropos daemon' (character is fate). In German fatum/faith is Schiksal (sickle). If there was no necessity to reincarnate, the code would be nothing but a generated 0/1-number with 0, death as the inevitable fatum, like a product made in a factory with an expiration date.

This tree of life pattern also is the way how reincarnation in the matrix works, the tree with its top cut off as shown by antropomorphic beings in the shamanistic trance.

Souls in 5D have no time illusion, can choose a body and lifetime. Depending on their karma process, they will choose an easy or difficult level to live on earth. When their choice is made, they can give the mother a first unconscious sign of connnection, that later can be remembered and enter the avatar body.

This happens through a sort of tunnel system, a traumatic process of losing layers of consciousness, after which the soul finds itself inside a growing fetus with 2 DNA strands from their parents, a scripted programming of duality already in place. Birth itself is an even more traumatic process and can be remembered through hypnotic regression or altered states of consciousness.

The controllers of the matrix automatically know who incarnated in which body because everybody has a harmonic frequency tone and unique fingerprint and can track them.

Because the soul has a learning purpose, a long history of many lives, owns a piece of divine female creative life force, and interacts with other similar souls in avatar bodies, the soul group breathes life into the script of 0/1 combinations, that generate sacred geometric patterns, according to DNA language.

In its first 3 years, the child spends a lot of time sleeping so in the astral realm, in theta consciousness, he or she receives extra matrix programming or guidance from helping entities in 5D.

Through the precognitive knowledge of the higher self, the person instinctively knows, through intuitive brain waves what to choose at a given moment, handing the necessary tools for a learning process, in order to eventually ascend to 5D. Once the person is on his/her right path for soul harvest, synchronities and 'miracles' can happen as time dilation, life saving interventions and so on, because there's non-locality in the quantum world, so connections between souls transcend time and place, transcend the matrix.

In a way, life on earth is a proxy war between + and - and the script of a lifetime on earth is meant as a polarising choice between + and -, service to self or others. Now the discovery is made that in the mathematical codes of this reality, binary computer codes are hidden, we can tap into a huge potential and power of our creative mind and as a collective can rewrite the script, change the outcome of this intergalactic war.