Fabian Society

The Fabian Society is a club, founded by the Massimo family, who control the Jesuits, named after their ancestor Fabius Maximus. Its logo is a wolf in sheep's clothing, the method Fabius Maximus used against Hannibal, who attacked the Roman Empire.

The Fabius Maximus method, the scorched earth policy of avoiding confrontation, was used by the Russians against jesuit Napoleon (Mikhael Kutuzov was called the Russian Fabius), by Sam Houston in the fake Texas Revolution and in the WW1 and WW2 ritual (jesuit Stalin against Hitler, with an exact copy of Napoleon's strategy 129 years earlier).

1884 the Fabian Society is founded by 9 members on january 4, to use the wolf in sheep's clothing tactic on the population to enslave them with a new breed of populist freedom fighters: the founding of the Left Wing Church, very closely associated with the occultists of the Society for Psychical Research and the Luciferian Theosophical Society, the New Age Church.

- Edith Nesbit ( Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with jesuit AC Doyle and Aleister Crowley, controlled by the Cecils).
- Frank Podmore (member of the Society for Psychical Research, founded in 1882 with George Wyld of the Theosophical Society and Henri Bergson, brother of Moina Mathers, wife of Samuel Mathers of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)
- Edward Pease
- William Clarke
- Hubert Bland
- Perceval Chubb
- Frederick Kedell
- HH Champion
- Rosamund Dale Owen (rose Venus Lucifer)

Edward Carpenter starts writing about 'gay rights', the start of a slow and subtle indroctination with the Luciferian sodomy religion (the Gay and Transgender Church). The wolf symbol is also on the coat of arms of the Massimo related Ossorio family, related to wolf god Apollo.

Mason John Ruskin develops the philosophy of environmentalism, the Green Church. Mason Sydney Webb founds the British Socialist Party, upholds an image of being for the people and against poverty.

1895 Graham Wallas founds the London School of Economics. HG Wells writes New World Order (a phrase often associated with the jesuit hoax the Illuminati) and War of the Worlds.

Emmeline Plankurst is used to create fake protests.

1929 Ramsay McDonald of the FS becomes prime minister of the UK, with JR Clynes of Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs (World Empire of the Cecils)

1940 Hugh Dalton of the FS (Labour Party with the Venus rose symbol, celebrated at 1 may, like the nazi's and communists) leads the Special Operations Executive, British secret service, controlled by the Cecils since the 16th century.

1945 Clement Attlee (London School of Economics) is pm of the UK.

1947 After an 'independance' ritual with Annie Besant (Fabian and Theosophical Society, Lucifer magazine with Rudolf Steiner) and Mahatma Ghandi, FS puppet Jawaharlal Nehru is made president of India, as poster boy for the new style of imperialism, with friendly and religious looking non-white slavemasters, instead of the old approach of religious absolutism of the jesuits.

Communist Che Gevuarah (archetype Horus) uses the guerilla warfare tactic of Fabius Maximus. Mick Jagger is trained at the London School of Economics, makes satanism trendy in the music industry.

1997 FS puppet Tony Blair plays the role of socialist saviour with Luciferian rose symbol, leading up to the death Diana Spencer. Michel Ablaq founds the socialist Baath party in Iraq with Saddam Hussein with jesuit trained sons, who plays the Babylonian villain for George HW and George W Bush.

George Soros, an agent of the Bohemian Schwarzenbergs, trained at the London School of Economics, funds the fake Black Liberation movement BLM (the Black Church). His Open Society uses 'factcheckers' to censor social media (the wolf in sheep's clothing tactic).

Jemima Goldsmith, (friend of Diana) and the New Statesman promotes Russell Brand as an anti-establishment activist, used as controlled opposition during the Covid19 prison experiment.

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