Obviously the elite is in the final stage of implementing a Luciferian world order, a totalitarian regime of global enslavement. An agenda is rolled out of transhumanism, transgender-propaganda, climate-nazism, forced immigration, forced vaccination. Humanity is sleepwalking, keeps believing the lies on tv and shows little or no resistance.



people who I think are shills:
alex jones infowars
paul joseph watson
joe rogan
david seaman
kerry cassidy bill ryan
michael tellinger
james corbett
dan dicks
luke rudkowski
sasha stone teal swan
zeitgeist venus project
thrive movement
anonymous wikileaks
david wilcock corey goode
benjamin fulford
steven greer
russel brand david lynch
david icke
simon parkes
jeff berwick anarchopulco
ron paul
max igan
mark passio
derrick broze the conscious resistance
donald marshall
sethikus boza
vinnie eastwood
unslaved podcast
sgt report
santos bonacci
michael tsarion
jordan maxwell
russia today max keiser
london real
jordan peterson
graham hancock...